Petanque Club Registration

If you want to join the local petanque club (La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette), then please  complete the  steps on this page.

-1- Go to the for payment of fees;

-2-Download, print out and then sign the team’s sport waiver taking responsibility for playing petanque responsibly;

-3- Take a photo with a cell phone of:

-A- your signed team waiver; and
-B- a selfie of your face.

-4- Send an email to me at the following address chezdeux{at} where you replace {at} with the at sign @. Please attach your selfie photo and the photo of the signed waiver plus the following information:

-A- Name
-B- Street Address
-C- City, State
-D- Phone Number
-E- Email address
-F- Birthday
-G- Citizenship

Note 1: If you have concerns about sending identifying information unencrypted, then please alter details so that we can identify you. Know that we may send printed material to your street address and electronic communications to you email address.

Note 2: Persons registering in December and January will receive a picture member identification from the Federation Petanque USA. Those persons registering after January and before December will receiving a registration with Federation Petanque USA in the following year.

Note 3: We offer a free club membership to those persons who pre-register for the petanque tournament, which is  held mid-March of years. To qualify for the membership, the registration must occur during the months of December and January.