Petanque Tournament 2019


Press Release

11th International Lafayette Petanque Festival

Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Thibodaux and Ville Platte, Louisiana


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The French game of petanque, also known as boules, will be celebrated over an eleven day period in Lafayette, Louisiana from Wednesday, March 13 to Tuesday, March 23, 2019.  The traditional French game of petanque is played by rolling boules, that is iron balls, on the special hard packed clay courts, grass, or other hard outdoor surfaces.

Co-organizers of the events are a local petanque club, La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette  (Mike LeBlanc – 337-654-9467) and French language and cultural non-profit organization, l’Alliance Française de Lafayette.  (Sabrina Benazzouz 337-356-3387).

Supporters include Lafayette Convention & Visitors Commission,Lafayette Consolidated Government – Parks and Recreation, Lafayette Consolidated Government – International CenterCODOFIL – Council for Development of French in Louisiana, Obut – Premiere en Petanque, Cite des Arts, and Springscript Digital Marketing Boutique.

Additional participating pétanque clubs include Thibodaux Louisiana Petanque community, and French Legation Boules Club and the Nelson Ranch Petanque Club, both of  Austin, Texas.

The events include a formal petanque tournament, informal play at an area homes and at a brewery, petanque training sessions at elementary French immersion schools as well as at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and French accordion concerts.  Times and locations are listed below, at our the websites and https://aflafayette.orgas well as our Facebook page at Petanque Lafayetteas details are finalized. Other events are spontaneous so follow us on our Facebook page.

A list of principle events are listed in a table on the final page of this press release.

Training sessions will be conducted by a delegation from the French government’s Ministry of Sportfrom Paris, France as well as the former world champion of petanque, Bernard Champeyfrom Ardeche, the homeland of the petanque game. The French delegation includes Amelie Castel, a well-known French accordionist, who will play throughout her visit at musical concerts and at petanque events.

The events begin on Wednesday, March 13 at 11:00 AM, in Baton Rouge with petanque training session among Westdale Elementary Schoolimmersion students who learn the French language entirely with instruction being conducted entirely in French. All petanque training sessions are being coordinated by  l’Alliance Française de Lafayette with parents, teachers and school administrations.

On the following Friday evening on March 14, a book signing soirée by visiting members of the French delegation will occur. Place and time are to be announced on our websites and Facebook page as details become available.

On Saturday, March 16, (11:00 Am to 4:00 PM), the Grand Picnic is being sponsored by parents and teachers of French immersion students from across all of Louisiana at Lafayette High School. Petanque training sessions as well as other outdoor games are planned.

On Sunday afternoon, March 17, an informal petanque competition occurs in the gravel parking lot of Teche Brewing Companyin the rural francophone community of Arnaudville, Louisiana. This event is being coordinated by  l’Alliance Française de Lafayette .

On the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (March 18, 19, 20), Petanque training sessions will be conducted at Lafayette area French immersion schools

A training session will be held in Girard Parkon Thursday and Friday (March 21 and 22) for students from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Other school training sessions occur in Thibodaux (Tuesday, March 27) and Ville Platte (after March 28). Details will be released as they become finalized. See our websites for details.

The general public is invited to observe the training events, subject to individual schools rules regarding visitors.  Visitor participation is limited to play after scheduled events subject the school approval. All are invited to observe the Girard Park training session and play afterwards.

The official opening ceremonies to the petanque tournament will be held on Friday (March 22) in the afternoon at the public petanque courts in in Girard Park. Area elected officials and other notables will be invited to throw out the first boules. ULL petanque training sessions followed by warm up games will occur after the opening ceremonies.

The principal event is the petanque tournament on Saturday, March 23 in Girard Park, Lafayette Louisiana. In case of light rains, the games will be held in rain ponchos provided by the tournament organizers. If heavy rains or lightning occurs, then the tournament will be moved from Saturday to Sunday, March 24 with the same event times. Any change related to weather will be announced on and our Facebook page.

This is doubles event with two member teams as coordinated by the local petanque club, La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette. All skill levels are invited to participate in the tournament, including first time players. Children from 7 to 14 are welcomed if paired with an adult team member. Equipment is provided to play.  Adult registration is on Eventbrite.comfor $25, which includes a noon meal of chicken and sausage jambalaya, soft drinks and bottled water. Pre-registration during January, 2019 includes an optional membership in the local petanque club as well as an international petanque federation registration. Those not participating in the tournament may purchase a $15 noon meal. All fees for children under the age of 14 are $10 less than the adult fees.

The tournament will begin with registration from 8:00 to 9:00 AM followed by three 50 minute rounds played au sauvage, that is played on the surrounding grass, hard packed ground, and walking tracks in Girard Park. The cumulative points scores in these preliminary rounds will be used formal semi-finals beginning at 1:30 and then finals latter in the afternoon. The pairing of two member teams contestants in the preliminary rounds will be randomized using the Swiss system. The semi-final pairings are decided by the tournament organizers. If you do not have another team partner, the organizers will try (but not guarantee) to pair you with another person.

The award ceremonies will begin just before sundown with awards being hand made Louisiana souvenirs for the teams placing in the top six positions in the semi-finals and finals.

On the following day (Sunday, March 24), friendly petanque games will be played beginning at 1:00 PM in Girard Park. The general public is invited to participate in a picnic. Just bring something to eat and drink as well as a folding chair. All equipment will be provided for free. Come and play petanque with world class players and instructors.

On Monday and Tuesday (March 25 and 26), games will be held at private petanque courts in Thibodaux, Louisiana, some 90 minutes east of Lafayette, where the main events are held. The French delegation will participate and then on the Tuesday, they will continue on their way to the New Orleans airport for their return flight to France.

The training sessions will be led by a French delegation composed of:

– 1- Bernard Champey is from the French province of Ardeche where the sport is very popular. A former world champion bowling, he collaborates with the French Federation of sports boules (FFSB – Federation Francaise de sport boules), French Federation of petanque and provencal games (FFPJP – Federation Francaise de petanque et de jeu provencal) and French Federation of Lawn Bowls (FFLB – Federation Francaise de lawn bowls).

-2- Jean Yves Peronnet works for the French government’s Ministry of Sports and is National Technical Direc- tor (DTN) of the French Federation of Pétanque and Provincal Sport (Fédération française de pétanque et jeu provençal – FFPJP);

The delegation will include also Amelie Castel who was a world champion of accordion (in Hungary in 2003). She will play during concerts, visits to schools and during the petanque tournament.


11th International 2019 Petanque Festival

Schedule of Major Events


When Date Time Major Event Place
Wed. Afternoon 3/13/19 11:00 AM Westdale Elem School Petanque Training Baton Rouge
Friday Evening 3/15/19 TBA Book Signing and Musical Soiree TBA
Saturday Afternoon 3/16/19 11:00 Immersion School Grand Picnic at Lafayette High School Lafayette
Sunday Afternoon 3/17/19 1:00 PM Petanque at Bayou Teche Brewing Arnaudville
Monday 3/18/19 TBA Immersion School Petanque Training & Accordion TBA
Tuesday 3/19/19 TBA Immersion School Petanque Training & Accordion TBA
Wednesday 3/20/19 TBA Immersion School Petanque Training & Accordion TBA
Thurs. Afternoon 3/21/19 TBA ULL Petanque Training & Accordion Girard Park
Friday Afternoon 3/22/19 2:00 Opening Ceremonies w/Dignitaries Girard Park
Friday Afternoon 3/22/19 3:00 ULL Petanque Training & Accordion Girard Park
Friday Afternoon 3/22/19 4:00 Warm Up Games Begins Girard Park
Saturday Morning 3/23/19 8:00AM  Registration Begins Girard Park
Saturday Morning 3/23/19 9:00 AM Preliminary Petanque Rounds Girard Park
Saturday Noon 3/23/19 12:00 Lunch and Posting Morning Results Girard Park
Saturday Afternoon 3/23/19 1:30 PM Petanque Semi- Final Begins Girard Park
Saturday Afternoon 3/23/19 3:30 PM Petanque Finals Begins Girard Park
Saturday Afternoon 3/23/19 5:30 PM Award Ceremonies Girard Park
Sunday Afternoon 3/24/19 1:00 PM Picnic, Accordion, and Petanque Girard Park
Monday Afternoon 3/25/19 TBA Informal Petanque & Accordion Thibodaux
Tuesday Afternoon 3/26/19 TBA School training session Thibodaux
TBA TBA TBA Ville Platte High School Petanque Training Session Ville Platte