Who is Mike LeBlanc?

My name is Mike LeBlanc, thousands of us are named so; for Michael is a very popular name as is LeBlanc, one of the most frequent family names in Louisiana, Canada, and France. As I am writing this entry, there are more than 850 Michael LeBlancs in the US with a telephone land line.

You might find my name associated with regional, and urban planning as well as  geographic information system(GIS). I am the principal owner of Town and Country Planning, a firm providing transportation and community planning services to municipalities and local governments.

To draw maps, I developed an AutoCad plug in known as Inkbox Tools in the 1990’s. That AutoLisp program has been rebranded as Folio7. You can read more about topic on this site here.

Parlez-vous francais? I often attend something called Table Française, where people converse in all varieties and dialects of French. You can read more about this topic at this site here.

You might have met me when we played petanque, a French bowling game, usually played outside on hard packed dirt or gravel, sometimes even on grass or blacktop. You can read more about this topic at this site here.

I also like story telling and writing fiction. Maybe you heard a story of mine when I spoke in French or English. You can read some of my fiction here.

I have been known to play blues guitar too. I am not to be confused with another Mike LeBlanc, who sings country and western music. He is from Canada.

If you need to reach me, you can contact me via this address; just add the at sign(@).

user name: time.gangling
email server: gmail.com