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The common law trademarks, service marks and logos utilized on this website:, Folio7, Town and Country Planning, and Louisiana Places.


The term, “”   is a common law trademarks and service mark for products and services related to graphics, technical documents and books, music, still photography, cinema, and video. The copyright and trademarks claims were first used in American interstate and international commerce on September 21, 2016, when the domain,, was operational on the internet.

=2.2= FOLIO7

Foilio7 is a common law trademark for an utility software written in AutoLISP for use in AutoCAD. Previously, Foilio7 was known as Inkbox Tools, which was owned by The Inkbox Company through August of 2016 when the domain along with  associated trademarks for graphic design was sold. The trademark, inkbox, was previously first claimed to be in use for interstate commerce in the early 1990’s. The buyer of the domain and trademarks was Inbox Ink Inc., a Canadian Corporation and seller of tattoo inks and supplies on a website then called The sale was facilities by


-A- The terms, “Louisiana Places”,  and “Places de Louisiana” are trademarks and service marks for naming geographic features as part of the “Louisiana Places Project”, which is similarly trademarked and service marked.

-B- Louisiana Places as a trade name was first used in the state of Louisiana on August 15, 2017 when data was first posted on

The graphic trademark associated with Louisiana Places/Places de Louisiana is listed below:


The Inbox Company provides as of 2016 provides planning, mapping and writing services. It’s graphic trademarks are shown below.

Prior to that date, The Inkbox Company utilized its trademark, Inbox, in interstate commerce on in 1997, after which a federal trademark was received in 1998 but as of 2009, the trademark was abandoned.


The Inbox Company does business as Town and Country Planning providing city planning services for public infra-structure and community organizing as of July, 2016. It’s graphic trademark is shown below:

=2.6= Trademark, Service mark and Logo Ownerships

-A- The trademarks, service marks, and logos are owned by  The Inkbox Company, PO Box 60444, Lafayette, LA 70596 USA., a Louisiana corporation registered on December 30, 1994 with the Louisiana Secretary of State. Town and Country Planning is associated with The Inkbox Company since May 24, 2017 through a trade name  registration with the Louisiana Secretary of State and a  logo registration with the Louisiana Secretary of State on June 16, 2017.

-B- The work on the Louisiana Places Project is being performed pro bono by Town and Country Planning.

-D- The Louisiana Places Project’s intellectual property is used to derive profit to fund educational activities such as maintaining a web pages and providing educational resources. The use of  web pages, maps, graphics, technical documents, books, music, still photography, cinema, and video as trademarked by Louisiana Places Project for any other purpose than education is prohibited unless a licensing written agreement is in force between the user and The Inkbox Company.

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