-4-Cad Hints


Some class computers have been misconfigured for inserting the blocks like Pen_Color_Comparison_Folio_7_Autocad_2000.dwg.  When that happens the user cannot insert the block scaled at a proper scale.  

You can determine if the block does not work properly when using the INS (insert) command. After selecting the block, the dialog box has values in the lower right hand corner other than 1 or 0. Typically the values are set to 0.08.

If that occurs, then set these system valuables to the following values by typing in the upper case command listed below in the command window and then entering the values after the equal sign.




You may or may not have to repeat entering these values depending on how other variables were set by other users.


=1= Computations and Hand Drawn Plats
(Raw Scans – PDF’s with non-searchable text)

-1.1- Workbook – Map Drafting and Related Computations for Plan Surveying
-1.2- Field Book – Map Drafting and Related Computations for Plan Surveying

=2= Campus Survey Points – AutoCAD DWG

Zip file with 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 points
-2.1- Control Point Traverse (NAD83 XYZ Cords)
-2.2- Bridges, Coulees  (Relative XYZ Coords)
-2.3- Bridges, Coulees + Traverse (NAD 83 Cords)
-2.4- Traverse lines connecting control points and coulees 

=3= Campus Survey Points – Arc Map Shape
-3.1- Traverse + Bridges Coulees (NAD 83)

=4= Lidar Elevation Points (Arc Map Shape)
-4.1- 112,863 Elevations Points in Arc Map Format with random ID – Zip

=5= Campus Vicinity Roadways
-5.1- Adjoining Roadways in Shape for Arc Map and dxf for AutoCAD formats – Zip

-5.2- Vicinity Roadways: Luke Street to Bertrand; Dulles to Devalcourt for Vicinity Map in AutoCAD Traverse Map in Dxf and DWG format – Zipped

=6= Comprehensive Breakdown of Survey Drafting Process – Reddit posting  
-6.1- Description of steps in processing surveying points
pdf format – docx format

=7= Map Scales
-7.1- Ratio and Vicinity Map Scales