CAD Maps

These tutorials teach you how to draw an AutoCAD map as created by land surveyors of the campus of South Louisiana Community College .

The tutorials are used in the Civil, Survey, and Mapping Dept. at SLCC.


-0.1- Role with dates of tests

-0.2- Syllabus

-0.3- Academic Calendar


-1.1- Square Traverses – Video Tutorial 2

-1.2- Complex Shapes – Video Tutorial 2

-1.3- Campus Traverse – Video Tutorial 12

-1.4- Campus Traverse – Video Tutorial 16

-1.5- Folio 7 – Basic Labeling Tools

-1.6- Folio 7 – Advanced Labeling Tools

-1.7- Folio 7 – Pen Weight – Back and White Example

-1.8- Folio 7 – Pen Weight – Color Example

-1-.9- Folio 7 – Labeling and Display Fonts

=2= TEST

-2.1- Test#1 (2020) for practice – Text of the commands used in Videos 01 to 03

-2.2- Test#1 (2020) for practice – An example of a test covering Vidoes 01 to 03.



The class policies and the academic calendar along with a copy of the the class role. The dates of the tests, holidays, and regular class periods are shown.

slcc_cad directory

Access all of these directories and then select the files to be downloaded, including ones not listed here.


The AutoCAD DWG file showing a completed simple traverse created from the keyboard


The AutoCAD DWG file showing a completed complex traverse calculated using points gathered  by the total station. Additional files are the google map aerial that is imported into he CAD file as an under layer to the traverse. The excel file that is imported using the Folio7 plug-in is also in this directory.


The AutoCAD plug-in created by the instructor to draw in AutoCAD and import XY coordinates form Excel into AutoCAD. The program is written in Auto-LISP. Indexes to kinds of commands and their use can be reviewed  here on this website


The completed PDF plots as needed during the course.


Examples of previous CAD Test 

06_Campus Street Maps

This project teaches you how to utilize Google Map aerials photos in Autocad.


(Nearly) all of the CAD files in used in this course and described in this document EXCEPT the video files, which are downloaded individually and separately because of their size.