Prop Devel – Class Notes

Prop Devel Wednesday (8/19/20) 
how to select a property to research
assignment to review example report
reviewed the test questions
review a test is due one week from friday
how to use zillow
Prop Devel, Friday (8/21/20) 
How to find a zip code
How to get census bureau zip code mortgage statistics
How to get census tract mortgage statistics
study the videos
2-3 How to lookup housing data by zip codes – data tables
2-4 How to lookup housing data by census tracts – data tables and maps 
what median to know for report and for test?
median is the mid point on a range from the least to most scores
average is the sum divided by total number of scores
the range is the lowest score and the highest score
Tract 14.06
Median value = 194,400
median household income = 95,847
median real estate taxes = 1,424
Zip code demographics
median age – mid thirties the optimum age to have children and buy a house
Prop Develop Notes for Monday, August 31, 2020
Land Use Walking Tour 
-1- Site … geometry
-2- Structure.. buildings
-3  Activity.. people
-4  Function… $
-5  Ownership.. control
Roof types
-1- Flat
-2- Shed
-3- Acadian
-4- Gable
-5- Hip
-6- Hip and Valley
-7- Gambrel
-7- Saltbox
-8- Mansard
Prop devel Wednesday (9/2/20)
LBCS Top Level Codes for all Dimensions
Site – what kinds of development, but also the parcel configuration (square, rectangle, polygon, etc)
Structure- what kinds of buildings and what kinds of infra-structure like utilities and roads
Activity – what are people are doing; how many people; how long are people present at site
Function – how is money being transacted on site; what is the value of the site;
Ownership – public (government) vs private; personal vs corporation/agency; single individual vs group
========TEST #2  PRESENTATIONS BEGIN HERE =================
Prop Devel,  Friday (9/11/20)
Every time excavation occurs, Louisiana one call is required.
Care needs to be taken when
-1- identification GREEN lines between sewer for toilets and drainage for rainfall;
-2- identification of high dollar and high traffic ORANGE communication lines like fiber optics and low dollar and low traffic residential telephone lines
-3- immanently dangerous RED lines like high volume and high pressure pipe lines and  buried electrical lines. 
There are three types of utilities companies:
-1- municipal Lafayette Consolidated Government;
-2- co- operatives like SLEMCO and CLECO
-3- private system like Energy and Cox.
Prop Devel Monday (9/14/20), and Wednesday,(9/16/2020)
Transportation – Functional Class
Limited Access – Interstate and Freeway
Arterial – Major and Minor
Collector –  Major and Minor
These to documents from the website:
Historical Developments Lafayette Parish
Acadian Settler along the Vermilion Bayou 
Arpent System – long and narrow parcels along the bayou – in French and Spanish Colonial period
Township and Range System – checkerboard – Americans after statehood.
100 degrees longitude – west from San Antonio  to Pacific Coast – rainfall less than 10 to 14 inches
less population
location of major population centers in the US
Seattle, Portland, San Franciso, Los Angles
San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Beaumont, Lafayette, Baton Rouge,Lake Charles, Atlanta,  Miami
Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston 
Daily graphs: morning and afternoon peaks
Annual graphs: summer peaks
The lowest traffic and best time to survey in ROW is in winter early morning or late afternoon. 
Prop Devel Friday (9/18/2020)
The two youtube videos as listed below:
Justifications for Zoning
-1-Orderly Development
-2- Health & Safety
-3- Property Value Protection
RS-1 Single Family large lot minimum – 6,000 Sq Feet – a square 77 feet on each side
RS-2 Single Family Small lot minimum- 4,000 Sq Feet – a square 63 feet on each side
District Cross-Reference PlanLafayette Future Land Use
“A” Agricultural 89-8 Rural/Agriculture.
Buffer and building design requirements of Article 4 apply if the area is not zoned.
“RS-1” and “RS-2” Residential Single-Family 89-9 Residential
“RM-1” and “RM-2” Residential Mixed 89-10 Mixed Residential
“MN-1,” “MN-2” and “MN-3” Mixed Use Neighborhood 89-11 Transitional Mixed-Use
“MX” Mixed-Use Center 89-12 Mixed-Use Center
“D” Downtown 89-13 Mixed-Use Center
“CM-1” and “CM-2” Commercial Mixed 89-14 Commercial/Office
“CH” Commercial Heavy 89-15 Commercial/Office
“IL” Industrial Light 89-16 Office/Industrial
“IH” Industrial Heavy 89-17 Office/Industrial
“PD” Planned Development 89-18 Any of the above
“PI” Public/Institutional 89-19 Any of the above & Public Park

Prop Develop Monday (9/21/20)

Video: How to recognize the kinds of zoning on parcels (60:00 mins)