Prop Devel – Class Notes

Prop Devel Wednesday (8/19/20) 
how to select a property to research
assignment to review example report
reviewed the test questions
review a test is due one week from friday
how to use zillow
Prop Devel, Friday (8/21/20) 
How to find a zip code
How to get census bureau zip code mortgage statistics
How to get census tract mortgage statistics
study the videos
2-3 How to lookup housing data by zip codes – data tables
2-4 How to lookup housing data by census tracts – data tables and maps 
what median to know for report and for test?
median is the mid point on a range from the least to most scores
average is the sum divided by total number of scores
the range is the lowest score and the highest score
Tract 14.06
Median value = 194,400
median household income = 95,847
median real estate taxes = 1,424
Zip code demographics
median age – mid thirties the optimum age to have children and buy a house
Prop Develop Notes for Monday, August 31, 2020
Land Use Walking Tour 
-1- Site … geometry
-2- Structure.. buildings
-3  Activity.. people
-4  Function… $
-5  Ownership.. control
Roof types
-1- Flat
-2- Shed
-3- Acadian
-4- Gable
-5- Hip
-6- Hip and Valley
-7- Gambrel
-7- Saltbox
-8- Mansard
Prop devel Wednesday (9/2/20)
LBCS Top Level Codes for all Dimensions
Site – what kinds of development, but also the parcel configuration (square, rectangle, polygon, etc)
Structure- what kinds of buildings and what kinds of infra-structure like utilities and roads
Activity – what are people are doing; how many people; how long are people present at site
Function – how is money being transacted on site; what is the value of the site;
Ownership – public (government) vs private; personal vs corporation/agency; single individual vs group
========TEST #2  PRESENTATIONS BEGIN HERE =================
Prop Devel,  Friday (9/11/20)
Every time excavation occurs, Louisiana one call is required.
Care needs to be taken when
-1- identification GREEN lines between sewer for toilets and drainage for rainfall;
-2- identification of high dollar and high traffic ORANGE communication lines like fiber optics and low dollar and low traffic residential telephone lines
-3- immanently dangerous RED lines like high volume and high pressure pipe lines and  buried electrical lines. 
There are three types of utilities companies:
-1- municipal Lafayette Consolidated Government;
-2- co- operatives like SLEMCO and CLECO
-3- private system like Energy and Cox.
Prop Devel Monday (9/14/20), and Wednesday,(9/16/2020)
Transportation – Functional Class
Limited Access – Interstate and Freeway
Arterial – Major and Minor
Collector –  Major and Minor
These to documents from the website:
Historical Developments Lafayette Parish
Acadian Settler along the Vermilion Bayou 
Arpent System – long and narrow parcels along the bayou – in French and Spanish Colonial period
Township and Range System – checkerboard – Americans after statehood.
100 degrees longitude – west from San Antonio  to Pacific Coast – rainfall less than 10 to 14 inches
less population
location of major population centers in the US
Seattle, Portland, San Franciso, Los Angles
San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Beaumont, Lafayette, Baton Rouge,Lake Charles, Atlanta,  Miami
Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston 
Daily graphs: morning and afternoon peaks
Annual graphs: summer peaks
The lowest traffic and best time to survey in ROW is in winter early morning or late afternoon. 
Prop Devel Friday (9/18/2020)
The two youtube videos as listed below:
Justifications for Zoning
-1-Orderly Development
-2- Health & Safety
-3- Property Value Protection
RS-1 Single Family large lot minimum – 6,000 Sq Feet – a square 77 feet on each side
RS-2 Single Family Small lot minimum- 4,000 Sq Feet – a square 63 feet on each side
District Cross-Reference PlanLafayette Future Land Use
“A” Agricultural 89-8 Rural/Agriculture.
Buffer and building design requirements of Article 4 apply if the area is not zoned.
“RS-1” and “RS-2” Residential Single-Family 89-9 Residential
“RM-1” and “RM-2” Residential Mixed 89-10 Mixed Residential
“MN-1,” “MN-2” and “MN-3” Mixed Use Neighborhood 89-11 Transitional Mixed-Use
“MX” Mixed-Use Center 89-12 Mixed-Use Center
“D” Downtown 89-13 Mixed-Use Center
“CM-1” and “CM-2” Commercial Mixed 89-14 Commercial/Office
“CH” Commercial Heavy 89-15 Commercial/Office
“IL” Industrial Light 89-16 Office/Industrial
“IH” Industrial Heavy 89-17 Office/Industrial
“PD” Planned Development 89-18 Any of the above
“PI” Public/Institutional 89-19 Any of the above & Public Park

Prop Develop Monday (9/21/20)

Video: How to recognize the kinds of zoning on parcels (60:00 mins)

Prop Develop Wednesday (9/23/20)

Review for test 

Prop Development Friday (9/25/20)


Prop Develop Monday (9/28/20)

Flood Zone Concepts


Chance of flooding 1% or more 1% to 0.2% < 0.2%
Probability 1/100 1/100 to 1/500 < 1/500
Frequency 100 Yr 100 to 500 Yr More than 500 Yr
Color Green Red White
Designation A’s X-shaded X-unshaded


A = base flood elevation is unmeasured

AE = base flood elevation is measured

AH = ponding

Floodway = area used for flood flow

Prop Develop Monday (9/30/20 to 10/2/20)

Review webpage on tis website on Flood zones:

Flood Zone


Review the flood zones at the City of Scott Exit on Interstate 10:

Floodzone legends designations

Use the legends to locate each the zones near the overpass:

-1- Above the 500 years flood plain
-2- Between the 500 year flood plain and the 100 year flood plain
-3- Within the 100 year flood plain
-4- floodway
-5- Locate point on the interstate 10 bridge that restricts the flow in the coulee

The changing weather patterns have created many one hundred storms that occur in one year repeatedly. 

The Louisiana changing weather patterns are related to the warming of the Gulf of Mexico and resulting increased storage of heat that cause hurricanes to be stronger than in the past.

As a result of increase frequency of flooding, some municipalities require construction above the one hundred year flood plain.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a voluntary federal program insuring property from flood loss.

A floodplain administrator in each parish issues flood zone certificates for us win bank loan applications.

Example of flood certificate points near Scott, Louisiana 

Most certificates are located in Zone AE and A because these zones can apply and receive building permits.

Other certificates in the floodway are rare because construction in the floodway is prohibited except when a complex drainage study is conducted.

There are few certificates located above the 500 year flood plain because certificates are not required for bank loans in higher elevations.

A civil engineer, an architect, or a surveyor can issue floodplain certificates; but usually surveyor measure the height of first finished floor elevation. Some surveyor do this work exclusively and have a widespread and private benchmarks that they use to calculate the elevation of structures. They do not usually allow other surveyors to use their benchmarks. 

Review the video explaining flood zones: Video: Flood Zone Concepts Explained with a Lafayette Flood Map.  

Prop Develop Monday (10/7/20)

9-6 Tax Calculation of Owner Occupied, Rental and Farmland in Lafayette Parish 

This pdf as linked to the instructor’s website is quote in full below. It is important.

-1- Units of measurement

decimal value = unit

1.0 = dollar
0.1 = dime
0.01 = penny
0.001 = mill

-2- only 10% of the property value is used to calculate taxes

500 x 0.10 = 50
fair market value x 10% = assessed value

-3- Example: the tax rate = 30 mils; assessed valued  = $50

30 x 0.001 = 0.030
0.030 = mils

mils decimal value = mills

50 x 0.030 = $1.50
assessed value x mil ratio for 30 mils = property taxes

-4-Homestead Exemption = $75,000 market value

homestead exemption = owner occupied residential parcel
100,000 – 75,000 = 25,000

market value – homestead exemption = taxable market value
25,000 x 0.1 = 2,500

taxable market value x 10% = assessed value
2,500 x 0.030 = 75.00

assessed value x mil ratio for 30 mils = property taxes

-5- Real Life Example – Owner Occupied

The assessor’s website shows these values decimal values:

Parish of Lafayette  + City of Lafayette = Total Tax decimal value within City of Lafayette
0.08242 + 0.01794 = .10036

decimal value of millages /decimal value of one mil = total mils
.10036/ .001 = 100.36 mills

200,000 – 75,000 = 125,000
market value – homestead exemption = taxable market value

125,000 x 0.1 = 12,500
taxable market value x 10% = assessed value

assessed value x decimal value within city and parish taxes =  Total Taxes
12,500 x .10036 = 1254.50

-6- Real Life Example – Rental

200,000 – 0 = 200,000

market value – NO homestead exemption = taxable market value
200,000 x 0.1 = 20,000

taxable market value x 10% = assessed value

assessed value x decimal value within city and parish taxes  = Total Taxes
20,000 x .10036 = 2007.20

-7– Use Value of Farmland, Timberland, and Marsh

Use value = Assessed value of land as shown on the last page of the following document: and Regs Changes/RULES.UV.pdf

The document describes how to appraise farm, timber, and marsh lands.

Max value ranges based on the value of the real property.
Farmland = 42.01 to 14.97 as classed into 4 levels
Timberland = 40.27 to 7.56 as classed into 4 levels
Marsh = 7.00 to 5.00 as classed into 3 levels

-8- Example in Lafayette Parish in the City of Lafayette

acres x price per acre = max fair market value
100 x 6,000 = 600,000

fair market value x 10% = assessed value
60,000 x .10 = 6,000

assessed value x 100.36 miles =  calculated taxes
6,000 x .10036 = 602.16

taxes / total acres = calculated taxes per acre
602.16 / 100 = 60.22

calculated taxes < max taxes
60.22 < 42.01

max taxes/acre x acres = max actual taxes
42.01 x 100 = 4201.00

Prop Develop Monday (10/14/20)

Video 11-1.1 Review of Student Report less Clerk of Court Records (45:14 mins)

-1- Some philosophers say that land is the source of all wealth.

-2- Surveyors measure land.

-3- Surveyors are licensed because of the importance of marking the boundaries of land.

-4- Louisiana has low property taxes and high sales taxes.

-5- Texas has high property taxes and low sales taxes.

-6- In Texas, land does not lay fallow (unplanted) because it is necessary to produce income on the land through agriculture, cattle or commercial development.

-7- In Louisiana land does lay fallow (unplanned) and can be classified as agricultural land even though it is actually land that is undeveloped commercial land. 

-12- Another name for sales taxes is ad valorem taxes.

-8- The highest sales taxes in Louisiana are in St Landry Parish at 11.2%.

-9- Lafayette Parish’s highest sales tax rate is 9.95%.

-10- The typical sales tax rate in Texas is typically 6.25%, but some cities add 2% more for a maximum of $8.25.

-11- The highest property taxes in Texas is 1.81% or 1801 mills. That is 18 times the Lafayette parish tax rate.

Prop Develop Monday (10/16/20)

How to copy screen shots in Windows and on a Mac:

Video 11-1.2 How to Copy a Screen Image in Windows (7:02)
Video 11-1.3 How to Copy  a Screen Image on a Mac (5:59)

Prop Develop Monday (10/21-26/20)

Video 11-1.4 Options for Accessing the Clerk of Court Land Records (24:05)
Video 11-1.5 How to find a conveyance number from the tax assessor’s office (16:10)
Video 11-1.6 How to open a Clerk of Court land record’s online account (7:59)
Video 11-1.7 How to research the first conveyance record (19:31) 
Video 11-1.8 How to research the second conveyance record (12:33) 
Video 11-1.9 How to research the third conveyance record (14:28) 
Video 11-1.10 How to access copies of documents (14:10)