Graphics Intro

SLCC – Introduction to Graphics – Industrial Technology (INTC) 1030 

Course Syllabus – entire document


As a result of successful completion of this course the student will be able to:-1-List basic and fundamentals essentials for documenting and communicating with descriptive geometry.
-2-Recognize, evaluate and demonstrate the of use design/drafting equipment.
-3-Discuss the different CAD software packages and their use in conjunction with drafting and industry
-4-Perform freehand sketching as a method of drawing, communication and thinking process of developing ideas.


=1= Engineering and Technology

-1- Introduction to Engineering Graphics
-2- Descriptive Geometry
-3- Scientist Role in Drafting
-4- Engineers Role in Drafting
-5- Technologist Role in drafting
-6- Technicians Role in Drafting

=2= The Design Process

-1- Introduction to the Design Process
-2- Types of Design Problems
-3- System-design Example
-4- Problems Identification
-5- Graphics and Design
-6- Analysis

=3= Implementation

-1- Introduction to the Implementation of Drawings
-2- Working Drawings
-3- Specifications
-4- Assembly Drawings

=4= Gothic Lettering
-1- Introduction to Gothic Lettering
-2- Lettering Tools
-3- Guidelines for lettering
-4- Gothic Lettering Problems
-5- Vertical Letters

=5= Freehand Sketching
-1- Introduction to Freehand Sketching
-2- Shape Description
-3- Sketching Techniques
-4- Three-View Sketching
-5- Six-View Sketching
-6- Circular Features

=6= Orthographic Projection
-1- Introduction to Orthographic Projection
-2- Orthographic Projection
-3- 3 View Drawings
-4- Arrangement of views
-5- Line Techniques
-6- Fillets and Rounds

=7= Dimensioning Rules

-1- Introduction to Dimensioning
-2- Terminology
-3- Units of Measurement
-4- English/Metric Conversions
-5- Dimensioning Rules
-6- Curved and Symmetrical Parts