Folio7 can be downloaded by individual files from a server or entire set in one zip file.

-1- dwg

Standardized drafting sheets with name of draftsperson, project name, client, logo, etc.

-2- plugin

The complied version of the AutoLisp plugin with the productivity tools.

-2.1- Windows: Folio7_3x4.vlx (01/25/2020)
-2.2- Mac: Folio7_3x4.fas (01/25/2020)

-3- font

The specialized SHX versions of AutoCAD fonts are available for download including
-A- Bauhaus.shx (as used by the Bauhaus design school in the Weimar Republic before World War II in several weights),
-B- Romans.shx (similar to the tribe fonts used with vintage Leroy templates)
-C- Romano.shx (monospace drafting font with only upper case letters and numbers)

-4- license

The license can be summarized and exampled by stating that educational and non-commercial licenses are free as long they are distributed with the original license agreement. All rights reserved for other uses.

5- linetypes

Utilize custom line types used survey, mechanical, piping, and technical drawings.

-6- plot_pens

The color of the line indicates the width of the line when it is plotted using the Folio7 CTB Plot Style in the printer window. A description of using pen weight color to signify pen width sizes is explained on this page on this site and in this separate pdf file.

-7- pointsin

Folio7 has utilized a series of modifications to an AutoCAD plugin in original AutoLISP distributed by Thomas Gail Haws on his website 

-8- profile

The Folio7 profile to setup the drawing screen from the default AutoCAD drawing screen.

-9- Symbol

A set of symbols used in surveying and architectural drawings.

-10- utilities

Several AutoDesk Utilities in AutoLISP
-A- Import ASCII text,
-B- Graphic User Interface (GUI) calculator with AutoCAD
-C- Create Calendars
-D- Calculate the number of days within a julian calendar

-11-  zip

All of the files listed in the above directories in one file.