WHAT IS Folio7?

Folio7 is a plugin program to enhance productivity within AutoCAD┬«.

Folio7  tools are described in two ways:

-1- Alphabetical listing

-2- Cateories listing


Folio7 an integrated set of AutoCAD® tools that provide a standardized set of scaled prototypes with title blocks, border lines, standard layers, colors, text sizes, and line types.


All of your drawings will have a professional, standardized look.

  • You’ll know how each drawing is setup with standardized layers, text sizes, colors, and it’ll increase your drawing productivity.
  • You’re plotting and drawing will be much more efficient. Using standardized layers and colors will enable you to pre-visualize the finished drawing during the drawing process.
  • If you share drawings within groups of users, then each person can anticipate how the other members formatted their drawings. As such, editing other people’s drawings will be much more efficient.
  • Text sizes can be easily pre-visualized in terms of a consistent template. This means that the title block, explanatory text, and dimension text are correctly proportioned on all of your plotted drawings.


Folio7 TOOLS provide an expanded set of design tools. Users can access these design tools through a set of reduced key strokes.

  • You’ll dramatically reduce the amount of keystrokes and increase your drawing speed.
  • You can enter keystrokes with one hand, draw with the other hand, and keep your eyes on the drawing area. Your focus on the drawing will increase and so will the quality of the drawing.